Todo for everyone


Skwerms (pronounced squirms) is a website. It is a handy way to keep track of free instagram followers what you want to keep track of, be it lists of books to read, movies to see, projects to do, groceries to buy... With Skwerms, you can have as many lists as you like; even lists-within-lists. And you even get the satisfying *thunk* of crossing how to make money on ebay things off (well, you click a button and it does a strikethrough...). And you can assign a date due to your items, or not, as you like.

Skwerms is not meant to be the kitchen sink missing from your life. But it may be a pipe wrench, or carpet cleaning dallas tx something like that. A simple tool to help you with your other tools. Or a blunt weapon against your project enemies. Or something. Want to know what Skwerms can do for you? Try the DEMO, see the about page, or go ahead and join.

No purchase necessary, void where prohibited. Results may vary. No houston carpet cleaning substitutions allowed except by Sponsor.

Skwerms is for people with things to do, things that make you squirm to think about (or at least think about organizing). So put in your todo lists and get your skwerms on. ( is not responsible, period, so don't even ask!)